Aurora with Zoë Gilby and Noel Dennis – Livestream Review

Well-known in the North East jazz scene, vocalist Zoë Gilby launched her new album Aurora on Friday evening, performing at Gosforth Civic Theatre. Gilby’s new album concept is a compelling one: taking the melodies from the songs of American trumpet player Tom Harrell, she has written lyrics for them which appreciate, reshape and renew hisContinue reading “Aurora with Zoë Gilby and Noel Dennis – Livestream Review”

Paul Taylor – Via

Paul Taylor is an accomplished and unique pianist who has been releasing music since 2013. In January 2021, he released Via with New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings – the album is expansive in its musical and improvisational reach, but even more so, in its sensitivity. To the average listener, Via poses challenges through itsContinue reading “Paul Taylor – Via”

Wandering Monster – Livestream at The Globe

Contemporary jazz quintet Wandering Monster performed a live set at The Globe in Newcastle on a wintery Sunday evening, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of the month. Although many music lovers are apprehensive about livestreamed gigs, Wandering Monster’s musical talent, dynamic energy and invigorating improvisation allowed the virtual audience toContinue reading “Wandering Monster – Livestream at The Globe”

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