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Satori – Livestream Review

The Globe’s renowned Sunday evening performances continued this weekend, with saxophonist Josephine Davies and an incredible duo stepping in for her band, Satori. However, this performance was very different to previous sessions – there was a live audience back in The Globe for the first time! With Steve Berry on bass and Nick Smalley onContinue reading “Satori – Livestream Review”

Archipelago – Echoes To The Sky

Archipelago are a North East trio fronted by multi-instrumentalist Faye MacCalman, and accompanied by bassist John Pope and drummer Christian Alderson. Archipelago are a band with innovative ideas and real creative potential – their music spans a huge range of influences, drawing upon the different individual musical backgrounds of each member. Echoes To The SkyContinue reading “Archipelago – Echoes To The Sky”

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